Naomi Arnold.

Classically trained pianist, composer, songwriter and singer whose repertoire includes original compositions as well as contemporary Christian and popular ballads.

Meet Naomi

Meet Naomi.

Naomi Arnold is a contemporary pianist, composer, songwriter and singer. As a classically-trained pianist, Naomi's skills, talent and passion enable her to perform a wide spectrum of music ranging from the soothing melodies of her personal compositions to the powerful & exhilarating arrangements of famous composers.

Whether performing a melodious show tune or a soul-inspiring Christian hymn, her fingers dance on the keys invoking passion and delight -- often resulting music that will tug at your heartstrings. She delights in taking her listeners through a musical journey that produces a myriad of emotions as she effortlessly glides from one melody to another! Her remarkable gift to weave together uniquely composed, seamless medleys leaves her audience in awe! Naomi has enjoyed performing for various audiences in the United States, Canada (Toronto), UK (London), Greece (Athens), United Arab Emirates, India & Sri Lanka.

Naomi's love of music had her singing on stage at the age of 5! She was naturally drawn to the piano and delved into the study of piano under the tutelage of highly trained instructors. Naomi is musically certified through the Royal Schools of Music (London) and the Trinity College of Music (London). She began composing and arranging music for the piano at the age of 15 and her exemplary musical achievements earned her a plethora of awards! As a student, she performed in concerts, recitals, weddings, church and bands. Upon graduation from a private international school, Naomi completed her undergraduate studies at St. Olaf College (Minnesota) & George Mason University (Virginia).

Naomi acknowledges her love of music is a gift from God and credits her parents for nurturing that gift with encouragement, love and support. Growing up she enjoyed singing/performing at various private/church events with her parents and two sisters. Additionally, she appreciates her husband and two sons for tirelessly supporting her musical endeavors and her long, late night practices! One of the greatest musical highlights of Naomi's life was when she had the opportunity to help arrange and later record a duet with her beloved dad, Stanley Arnold. Her late father, a legendary musician in his day, has always been her musical inspiration! Written and composed by Stanley, "Someday, Tomorrow" with its inspirational words and upbeat melody, is a musical legacy and a priceless gift that Naomi treasures.

Much like the colorful prisms emanating from a kaleidoscope, Naomi's artistry bursts through in many fields. She is a skilled jewelry designer, masterfully crafting one-of-a-kind jewelry that is both elegant and beautiful ( She is also an avid gardener and interior decorator. As an instructor (Naomi's Music Academy), she works diligently to instill the love of music in her select group of students, while creatively and patiently helping them to unearth and develop their musical gifts.

Her desire to help people has this artist sharing her music on various platforms. However, having walked the painful path of losing two of her children to stillbirth, Naomi is especially partial towards encouraging and helping stillbirth mothers heal through her music. Naomi is an artist whose beautiful music is sure to touch the very core of your soul.

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From My Heart | 2006

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Moments In Time | 2003

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One of my favorite treats each Christmas Season is hearing Naomi present a piano instrumental of "O Holy Night" to our congregation. While her artistic skills are fabulous, what makes her rendition of this favorite Christmas Carol so moving is the spirit in which she plays it. Thanks for blessing us again this year, Naomi!

Dale O'Shields
Senior Pastor, Church of the Redeemer Gaithersburg

Naomi's presence makes the world a better place. Her voice and compositions leave the listener with feelings of peace and inspiration. First Candle is honored to be associated with this uniquely talented musician and compassionate stillbirth mother.

Marian Sokol, Ph.D., MPH
President, First Candle/SIDS Alliance

A child's cry is a chord of music, each breath a sonorous note from heaven. When Naomi sings, it is through her voice we hear the purity of music cast from heavenly choirs of children, silent at birth, yet alive forever. We are so grateful for her gift.

Michael R. Berman, M.D.
Clinical Professor, Yale University School of Medicine
Founder and President, Hygeia Foundation and Institute for Perinatal Loss and Bereavement

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